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Dear Sand Castle Staff,

I just want to let you know how wonderful you all are. Before I brought Cohen to your school, we were having a really hard time finding a suitable school for him. When we first moved into the Dallas area, we looked at a lot of the Frisco daycare centers, and yours was by far the best one.

Unfortunately, we did not move into the area right away, so we were forced to find one elsewhere. The one we found was not satisfactory. As soon as we could, we picked out an apartment located down the street, just so that he could attend Sand Castle. On Cohen’s 2nd day at your school he did not even pout when I dropped him off, and told me “I like my teacher.” This was amazing! At his last school it took him 2 weeks to even not cry, more or less just wave me off. I also love how you keep the parents involved in the kids daily activities! It’s nice to be able to talk with him at the end of the day, and know what questions to ask to get him talking. He has already learned so much in the short time he has been with you. You have an outstanding staff, who make my son feel right at home, and comfortable to be himself (very silly). These days there are so many choices in child care, but you all are absolutely first class! Thank you so much for all that you do. It’s hard to not be able to stay home and care for our children these days, but knowing they are in your hands makes it a bit easier. I could go on and on. I would definitely recommend your school to anyone! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

April G.

I have 2 daughters, Alexis – 7, and Isabel – 5. My girls were at a home daycare until it was time for Alexis to start Kindergarten. The idea of putting Isabel in a daycare facility not only wore on my mind, but also my heart. Would this facility take care of her the way I wanted her to be taken care of? Would the teachers give her what she needed on a day to day basis?

My Isabel was 3 years old when she started Sand Castle. It was one of the saddest days for me as a mother, and looking back on that now it seems so silly. Sand Castle is the BEST school I could have ever chosen for my daughter. I am amazed watching her now in Kindergarten at how much she knows and how advanced she is. It is all because of Sand Castle.

Not only did she make so many new friends, so did I. The staff is amazing and Ms. Rebecca is the BEST director with the most heart. We love all the staff and there wasn’t a dav that my little Isabel didn’t feel like a Rock Star in that school. When we plan to have our third child, there is no doubt in my mind that my baby will have the best care at this School!

SandCastle Family

Dear Sandcastle Team,

Thank you so much for being a great part of our children’s care over the past 3 years. When our son first started, you made the transition easier by being supportive and answering all our questions. The teachers have been great throughout the time he has spent there. They have always kept us informed about his behaviors, development and successes.

He has many friends in his class since there has been a great group of kids coming up through the grades with him. We will all miss the teachers and staff at Sandcastle when he moves on to FISD.

Our daughter has also been part of Sandcastle, attending after school programs and FISD days out, as well as the activity loaded Summer Camps. It was a very consistent and reliable program, picking her up after school without any issues.

We also love taking advantage of your “Parents night out”, allowing our kids to be cared for and play with friends in a safe environment.

I would give any parent my recommendation of Sand Castle Private School for their child’s care.

Thanks again for 3 great years!

Matt and Malinda R.

Dear all:

I simply wanted to say (again!) how wonderfully happy we are with Sand Castle Private School. My husband and I relocated from Miami last year (20 1 0) and when we started looking for a day care for our children, we instantly fell in love with Sand Castle. We loved the look of the school, how friendly everyone was, the cleanliness, how organized everything seemed and how flexible and caring they were with our kids (who also came to “scope” out the new school). My 34 month old has now been enrolled for over a year and he loves it – he screams and points at “his school” when we drive by and wakes up on the weekend asking if he gets to go to school on that day. He has made a large number of friends and we love the idea that these will be his friends through life.

My 17 month old daughter has not been enrolled full time but now that she is (literally) running, she goes every morning to drop off BIG BROTHER and never wants to leave. She has even begun throwing herself on the class furniture in hopes I will just leave her behind! Thankfully, she is starting full time in May and I know that she will love the school and teachers as much as her brother and parents do.

On a final note- I am of the mindset that if I truly enjoy a business or service I recommend it to everyone I know. I have already recommended Sand Castle to one neighbor (who took me up on the recommendation and now has 2 kids enrolled) and recently recommended the school to another neighbor. That is how happy and assured I am of the school, it’s teachers, the curriculum they teach and the wonderful job that they do on a daily basis with all the kids enrolled. I love the attention and dedication that they show and I look forward to my son moving into the 3 year class and all the new things he will learn.

K.eep up the great work!

The Ross Family

Our son has been attending SandCastle since he was 6 months old. Now at the age of 4 we see everyday how he has grown developmentally, emotionally, and socially thru all of his experiences. The curriculum is focused on education but connects with the kids in a way that makes learning fun. Braden looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends everyday!

Kevin & Chrissy F.

As a working mother with three children under five, I have always faced the struggles of finding the right child care solution for my children. I have had my oldest at two other “prestigious” programs prior to joining Sandcastle. By far, Sandcastle has exceeded my expectations. There is much less turnover of teachers in this program than in many other programs and the teachers don’t shift often from room to room. The same teachers that are in the infant room are the same teachers that have cared for both my 2 year old and my 9 month old while in that room. The staff are very forgiving of the demands placed on working parents and communicate with parents regularly about the children’s progress at school. I have always felt as though the teachers loved and cared for my children as I would if I had the ability to be home with them full time and that says a lot!

Shannon S.

Both of our children started in the infant room at Sand Castle at about 8 weeks old. Our oldest Haley who is now 5, recently started kindergarten in August. At our first parent-teacher conference at her elementary school, we were told how ‘kindergarten ready’ our daughter was, how well she adjusted to her new schedule and that her social skills were extremely well developed. She works very well in both individual and group activities} responds appropriately to requests of her teacher and has shown natural leadership qualities. It’s clear that a great deal of her early success in kindergarten is attributed to the 5 years spent learning at Sand Castle. Haley has always looked forward to her days at Sand Castle and is now attending their after-school care program.

Our son, Ryan is age 3 and is currently in the Sand Castle ‘Pre-K’ class. Like his sister, he is developing very well and really seems to be ahead of the curve in his communication and thinking skills. He loves his teachers a great deal, looks forward to learning in general and really enjoys special extra-curricular activities which Sand Castle makes available at school, such as Soccer/Basketball and Fun Bus.

We really appreciate the caring environment and love for kids they have at Sand Castle, and the positive impact they have had on our lives.

Phil K.

We have been part of the Sand Castle family for nearly 6 years. Our daughter, Haley, started back in 2005 when she was about 20 weeks old and her brother, Ryan started when he was about 10 weeks old in 2007. Both kids have had great experiences as they have grown and progressed from class to class. Haley is now in Kindergarten at Tadlock Elementary but still comes to Sand Castle for after-school care and looks forward to full days there when FISD is closed, such as during Spring Break or during the Summer. Ryan is in the Pre-K class, loves coming to school and is developing nicely.

The quality of care our kids receive at Sand Castle is evident in how much they enjoy going each day. They have developed special bonds with their teachers over the years. Fundamentally, the Sand Castle staff loves kids and takes seriously the important role they play in our children’s lives. They are well trained and we have been pleased with how our kids have progressed academically and socially. Haley’s transition to kindergarten at Tadlock Elementary was very easy. She was well prepared, easily fit in and was ahead of the game in several areas. The curriculum, and overall program at Sand Castle has had a lot to do with her successful first year as a Kinder student. We were thrilled with how quickly Ryan’s communication skills and vocabulary took off—at 3 years old, he can do the alphabet backwards–something mom & dad can’t do!

We have also appreciated the extracurricular activities Sand Castle makes available on-site. Over the years, our kids have participated in Sheena’s Dance Academy, Basketball & Soccer Basics, Fun Bus, Water Slide during the summer, Stretch & Grow as well as fun and educational field trips once they are old enough to attend. The convenience of having these activities on-site has been fantastic and our kids really look forward to them.

We have recommended Sand Castle to friends over the years and will continue to down the road. It’s a fun and educational environment with! a staff that gives you great piece of mind when dropping off your kids there. We would recommend them to any family looking for a quality pre-school for their children.

Beth K.

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent.

I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. They give my student more individualized attention than she had before. Sand castle is the best of the best!!

The Babcock Family

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